My name is Caitlyn and I like to climb rocks and think about God. Usually all at once.

I’m a seminarian at Berkeley Divinity at Yale.  I’m figuring out how I’m going to make something of a living doing my Christian ministry.

This blog is called Lats and Liturgy because it is a nice alliterative diad of two things I care about — building up my muscles to be a stronger climber, and church theology and practice. Becoming a rock climber has been a strange live-action metaphor for my Christian journey. I tend to write at the intersection of both, but this blog will also be a dumping ground for sermons, poems I like, and whatever other intellectual baubles I collect.

I often think faster than my mouth works, and trip over my own words a lot.

My sense of direction is “toward the mountains” and “away from the mountains.” I no longer live near mountains, therefore I am lost.

I enjoy Scotch. I cannot afford Scotch.


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