On Jeremiah 1:7

A Lenten mediation I wrote for The Episcopal Church 2016 lenten meditations on behalf of the United Thank Offering Board. The theme of all of the chosen scriptures was “Go!” Each scripture was chosen for its inclusion of that word.

Far worse things than closed churches

THERE ARE far worse things than closed churches. The far deeper problem is not dwindling attendance, but the loss of the heart of the Gospel among those that do attend…. I have found that people – … Source: Far worse things than closed churches

The Church of Chalk

I fell in love with climbing not because I love coughing up chalk dust (I don’t) and think calloused hands are sexy (I do). It was the people.

Short Meditation on St. Francis

I fear that if we put bird seed in Francis’ hands, we will find the morsels leaking to the ground through the holes of his stigmata.

A Practiced Yes

Mary was reluctant to feel joy right away. She slouched into joy until it became a genuine and uncontrollable response.


The “zig-zagging” is just it though. Life zig-zags. God doesn’t color-code the holds for us, we have to feel around and find them for ourselves. It’s what makes us better climbers and stronger Christians.

Nuns > Olympics

Is it just me, or has everyone else felt like a terrible, lazy human being watching all of the incredible athletes  in the Olympics as they swim, catapult into the air, sweat, leap, paddle, and contort their faces into configurations of pure agony and physical exertion? All the meanwhile, you’re watching this with a chocolate chip cookie…

Coffee, Climbing, and Calling

Ok, I’m going to admit it. I’m scared. From the comfort of my campus coffee shop, my favorite mug full of steaming Italian roast, barefoot in an armchair, I still feel scared. I have no immediate threat, and that is exactly what scares me. You see, I’m caught between an exciting and mysterious time —…